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Why is it Important to Recycle Old Clothes

Zero Waste

I came across this infographic by USAgain and HAD TO SHARE! Two things I'm a fan of infographics, I mean what better way to decode boring facts that with cool vortex images and matching color schemes? Two it's focused on an otherwise underrepresented recycling industry... textiles.

Textiles are old clothes, underwear, rags anything made of fabric that isn't worth a trip to the Goodwill. Here's apos...

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Man-made Snow Caps


I spent all of six hours in the mountains of Virginia this past weekend. I was kind of skeptical at first, because my big sister initiated, and I love her to death but her idea of road trips and mine don't see eye-to-eye.

But alas, we hit the road.
Snow caps

What a scene mountains are, I mean right!?!? The sky was cloudless and the dewy mountains tops gave off a blueberry hue.

My sister recommended the snow...

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422 Seconds in Egypt (VIDEO)

Travel Video

egypt travels

This is the perfect way to kick this thing off!

This video has little to do with green-living, BUT! Here's a recap of a trip to Egypt in November 2012 (video after the link). I'm just getting around to posting but enjoy!

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