Knowing that nature holds all the secrets on how to be abundant, resilient and divine, Fort Negrita closely follows in the foot steps of her inherent mother.

Citizens of the Fort have awakened to the idea that less is more, and in order to see the true value in life you must regain your vacant minds.

Fort is resilience, strength, natural canopies and sleeping in tents.
Negrita is black girl magic in green spaces.

Fort Negrita is a definitive source for zero waste, self-reliance, conscious consumerism and eco-tourism.

Join me in the Fort.




I remember intimate moments with a creek behind my house in Maryland as a little girl.

I can't recall the weather or if it even mattered at the time, but what I vividly remember is toting a Styrofoam cup from my parents' house and being fixated on the amount of tadpoles I could collect in the temporary, and often deadly, cone-shaped home.

I'd crawl down the ravine. With each step the soil under my feet getting mushier, muddier, wetter. I'd stop and squat, quiet and still, trying to fool the polliwogs into thinking I miraculously left.

It had to be afternoon, with the way the sun angled itself on the water exposing shaded crevices and then hiding them again when the stream swayed.

At the first sight of a mini-school, I'd dart my cup in the water with 4th grade finesse and come up victorious.

Stopping to study my newfound friends, I would grab rocks, dirt, and moss (you know, to bring a natural habitat to my new pet's Styrofoam home) and head to the crib.

Although, the tadpole would die a quick death in the cup on my parent's patio table. I will never forget the trickling sounds of the stream moving south, the bright green moss dancing to the stream currants and my face warming from a west-setting sun.

This and many other intimate moments in nature inspire me.

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Anamarie "Ree" Shreeves is an earth advocate, who works closely with environmentally-driven organizations to support and promote their mission.

Ree host ongoing reusable menstrual pad workshops so people that bleed can take ownership of their menstrual cycles, and sells reusable pads online and via in-person events. She also co-organizes an annual earth day event called bEARTHday Fest, has taught zero waste workshops locally and at national conferences, jump-started the "Zero Waste in Atlanta" Facebook group, developed the “Atl Zero Waste Guide” and consulted local businesses in zero waste operations and accommodations.


Ree started her zero waste habits in April 2014, and at one point, it took her 13 months to fill a 32-ounce mason jar with personal trash! Her zero waste  pursuits has led to features on PBS, CNN and ESSENCE Magazine.

Anamarie works to create a world where design, planning and operations is rooted in abundance and net positive benefits for our future.