How To Recycle a Mattress in Atlanta (Infographic)


(Infographic design by I.LA)

Do you live in the Greater Metro Atlanta, and think you want to recycle your mattress? Did you know there are ZERO options to recycle your bed set in Atlanta. STR8CRAY!

If you're interested in recycling you mattress in the Greater Atlanta Metro area take our survey and email fortnegrita [at] gmail [dot]com and include "Recycle Mattress" in the subject box.  Opportunities to send your mattress to a recycling center, will be available in the Summer 2014. If you need to get rid of your mattress sooner please note that in your email.

Learn more about Bedcycle, a sustainable mattress recycling company being implemented in Atlanta. 

Goodwills in Atlanta do not accept mattresses, and who can blame them. After 10 years, your mattress weighs 20 more pounds thanks to dead skin. With Atlanta's growing population there is a growing number of bed bug outbreaks, so good luck with selling that bed set on Craigslist. Unlike California (and 19 other states) that has mattress recycling facilities, Atlanta residents cannot recycle their mattresses locally. The only option for mattress disposal in the area is to send it to a trash dump.

(Don't worry I'm getting to the part about you recycling your mattress)

At a dump, mattresses are nothing more than a headache. They take up lots of space- 23 cubic feet to be exact- which is not worth it's space in gold. Landfills weigh material to determine cost and a single mattress is much lighter (less money) than a typical 23cu. feet of mass at a dump.

The equipment used at most recycling centers cannot crush mattresses because the material is too tough for the machinery.

Little do most know, mattresses are doused in fire-retardant chemicals when manufactured, which are released into the air when they sit in a dump under the sun.

Ninety percent of the material in a mattress can be recycled including foam, cotton, metal and wool shoddy.

With no options to recycle your mattress in Atlanta Metro and plenty of chemicals being emitted into the air thanks to the mattresses that already sit in the dump; it's time to make a conscious decision about getting rid of your mattress. Recycle your mattress!

Happy Recycling!

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