fort negrita celebrates 9 years

This EARTH Month, Fort Negrita celebrates 9 years of earth advocacy.

The Fort was started initially as way to bring awareness to our community about an alternative to the crusty-wasteful-capitalistic-status quo, and the purpose is still the same TIL THIS DAY!

In 2013, we talked basic eco-friendly talk, then we punted to a disciplined zero waste lifestyle, and now we are a budding cooperative business.

Go back in time with us and take a look at our growth (and Ree’s hair changes 💇🏾) over the years.

#1 - CNN (2015)
Our zero waste debut to the world.

#2 - ESSENCE Magazine (2016)
Happy to be featured alongside EJ advocate @professorfulton and compost queen @pashonmurray.

#3 - food diaries by @lcmorrissette (2016)
LeeAnn peeped our genius from the start and has been an avid supporter of the Fort since.

#4 - PBS (2017)
It’s always a pleasure to hear how we’ve changed habits, this is our theory of change!

#5- DeSTination Haiti (2019)
Our first international pad party, thanks to @ddbercy, where we made pads for women in the Fayette and Gran Bois communities.

#6 - Story of Stuff (2020)
A feature on easy practices for living more waste free, curated by @robjgreenfield

#7- The Weather Channel (2021)
Most recent feature and the first where we talk about the Fort as a cooperative.

How has Fort Negrita impacted you in the last 9 years? SHARE in the comments.

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