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Learn more about how all eight of our worlds collide on APRIL 30 at "theGathering" from 4-6p. Register to attend here: RSVP

if understood the EARTH DAY assignment was a group project, then Fort Negrita's steering committee passed with flying colors. 


Alsie Parks, tell me what you know about the dirty SOUTH?! by centering the US south as the apex of resilience and abundance, @alsiealsiealsie raises up the culture of the GLOBAL SOUTH which honors earth stewardship, land sovereignty and indigenous practices.

Nene Igietseme's scholarly/organizing skillsets and grandmother spirit are the perfect combination for molding a non-extractive economy. @nvismiles is invested in the history of COOPERATIVES AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZING, and how these tools have been utilized to build regenerative and nurturing systems. 

Anamarie Shreeves ADVOCATES FOR THE EARTH, ten toes! @reefromthefort has shown us how one individual can lessen their waste impact on the planet, and now ree identifies and amplifies macro solutions to transition us all from self-sabotaging infrastructures, while also sliding off to natural escapes. 

Andrea Blanton returns dignity to THE MOTHERS, who are the bedrock of all ecosystems. mothers are the inherent stewards of the earth, and @food_earth_birth inspires a holistic approach to motherhood that is revolutionary, uncompromised, and sacred.

Abiodun Henderson reminds us that we have socially accepted the disposal of people in the same ways we dispose of plastic waste. via @gangstastogrowers, @anisa_n_malachis_mama CHALLENGES THE CARCERAL STATE and the incompetencies of that system that inherently impact our communities and our planet. 



Zahra Alabanza the URBAN HOMESTEADER the contemporary nomad, the visionary conduit. @zahra_ala offers the ways to live minimal and extract little from the planet while also ensuring you enjoy the pleasures of momma earth's nectar and living a cute life! z shows how we can prioritize our planet by prioritizing ourselves FIRST. 

Avery Jackson teaches us that the SPIRIT LEADS and empire is weak. with every beat of the djembe, every trot with ol' lady, every shutter of the camera for @wildtvlk, every mile put on the truck to deepen their relationship to the land. @avryjxn the one yall!

Dominique Bercy holds space as the resident Haitian of the crew, a reminder the the FIRST country to REJECT CAPITALISM in protection of their wellbeing. @beastmodeberc utilizes storytelling to highlight all things creative and beautiful and to intersect the unlikely. 


Learn more about how all eight of our worlds collide on APRIL 30 at "theGathering" from 4-6p. Register to attend here: RSVP

Thank you photographer, LCM Photo + Film, for capturing us and the EARTH altar build!

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