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The Best Indian Food (Bar Naan)


time to purge
Essence of India is the BEST! Bar naan (get it?) bar none.

Any who, on my never ending trip to Miami, I made plenty of stops along the East coast, including a pit stop in Tallahassee to see my king for his birthday.

Staying there for a few days, I had to make my way to one of the best restaurants in the world!

Now hear me out, for eight dollars you get a salad, a bowl of lentil soup, an entree (that...

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The Pit Stop Chronicles


time to purge
Pilot Jones, Pilot Jones.

After seven non-stop hours on the road, a 30-minute stop at a Pilot station sounded like heaven to me. Where else can you fill up the tank, buy homemade beef jerky and shower all at once?

Although I didn't hit the showers or indulge in tough, but chewy jerky. I filled up the tank and on a little park bench we had lunch. My sister opted for Wendy's, but Supa and I brought a...

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Man-made Snow Caps


I spent all of six hours in the mountains of Virginia this past weekend. I was kind of skeptical at first, because my big sister initiated, and I love her to death but her idea of road trips and mine don't see eye-to-eye.

But alas, we hit the road.
Snow caps

What a scene mountains are, I mean right!?!? The sky was cloudless and the dewy mountains tops gave off a blueberry hue.

My sister recommended the snow...

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422 Seconds in Egypt (VIDEO)

Travel Video

egypt travels

This is the perfect way to kick this thing off!

This video has little to do with green-living, BUT! Here's a recap of a trip to Egypt in November 2012 (video after the link). I'm just getting around to posting but enjoy!

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