fort negrita's RONA bucket list

got the Rona blues? 🥺 that’s ok! as we slowly chug through this time here’s a list of feel good things you can do.

START A GARDEN: with seeds, soil, and a pot (all which can be purchased from the dollar store).

DIY ZERO WASTE FACE MASK: 2 pinches natural clay, 1 pinch of salt, and a half squeeze of citrus.

SOCIAL MEDIA DISTANCING: our screen time is ridic right now. hop off this app! save yourselves! 😂

make a QUARANTINE PLAYLIST and kiss me through the phone. 😘

CALL AN ELDER: record the call and ask a ton of questions; they are living libraries.

SPRING CLEAN: zero waste style! get rid of things u haven’t touch in a year or more. 🌍 take care earthlings!

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