songs abt climate change playlist

happy earth month custodians! it's time to get ya mind right to protect and revitalize our ol' girl earth; she's 8 billion years old!

this playlist, mixed by @chelxatl and brought to you by @fortnegrita, includes 18+ dedicated "songs abt climate change" and after you listen, we want you to be motivated and committed to living more gently on the planet. the playlist will start off kinda sad, mad and depressive, but we will get to the nice and easy, optimistic parts toward the end, so hold on til the end for momma earth. 

you can listen to "songs abt climate change" on spotify, apple music, and soundcloud.


if you enjoy this reading and playlist, like, follow, and share! and tell us your favorite song in the comments. 

below is the tracklist and the reason why we chose each song.

**the intro from mallence bart william's tedtalk || change your channel, details the wealth of natural resources that africa generates and critiques europe's financial haul of those resources with little economic gain for people of the continent. many of those resources are foundation to the value of the western stock market. 

how can you mend a broken heart || al green gotta say that things these days has us in our feelings. we're heart broken by what is expected to be irreversible climate effects and the feeling of powerlessness, and we question how do we heal from this?

plastic 100c || sampha this song is the perfect backdrop for those videos of the glaciers crashing rapidly in the arctic. global warming > causes the glaciers to melt at unprecedented rates> our oceans rise> creating epic flooding and vulnerable populations in some of the world largest cities (NYC, Lagos, Shanghai, LA, Seoul). also plastic, i mean that hot mess of a material!

cranes in the sky || solange because we're tired of seeing communities lose their livelihoods because of climate change, all the while, cranes hover above our heads to remind us that it's "business as usual".

da art of story tellin pt. 2 || outkast outkast been ready since 1998 for this climate change smoke. the duo recognizes extreme events connection to climate change, and they detail an apocalyptic ending where they save there family, dungeon family included.

for the love of money || the o'jays y'all already know why this song made the list. 🤑 greedy capitalists, oil tycoons, coal kings. they only get half a line: babylon must fall.

mr. sun (miss da sun) || greentea peng if we could pen a letter to the sun this is what we would say. the sun keeps us fed, balances our glacial periods, and activates our vitamin d. in a time when smog blocks the sunlight in cities like beijing and los angeles, missing the sun is quite possible.  

tha block is hot || lil wayne this song deserves a dissertation, but since we ain't got 4 years and endurance in academia. here's a mini dissertation "the block is hot: vulnerable populations feel the impact of ecological injustice and they crazy enough to run up." written by phd candidate dwayne michael carter jr. , a hurricane katrina climate migrant groomed up in cancer alley, the area with the highest clusters of industrial plants and cancer patients. nuff said.

dropping seeds || tyler the creator ft. lil' wayne because what better way to reverse climate change than to drop seeds. 👩🏿‍🌾 more seeds means more trees and plants that help to reduce co2 emissions. drops some tree seeds, some pollinators seeds, some seeds of wisdom. leave this place better than how we found it.

**this little snippet is from delightfulllll / waterfall || carlos niño & friends offers us reminder that we, like our natural counterparts, can radiate love & joy. check out the full audio for a beam up to the stars. 

people make the world go round || the stylistics we couldn't forget to dedicate a song on this list to our custodians of the earth. the trash workers, farmers, bus drivers, the people working amidst the covid-19 pandemic, and YOU! we see you and we thank you for keeping this planet afloat. salute!

don't poison all the water || mo kolours water is sacred. water is holy. water is the largest sink for atmospheric heat, and yet, it is our most threatened resource. if you need a song with instructions on how to take care of water, here ya go. 

first world problemz || brent faiyaz because really most of us have first world problemz. did you know that affluent communities make up 20% of the population and 80% of climate impacts. while the other 80% of the population are vulnerable to the effects of our excessive behaviors. this song reminds us to be content, it could be worse. 

down on the ground (live) || grant green through all the challenges were facing, make space for joy and pleasure. so listen to this jazz, enjoy your favorite vices, and relax, because life is hitting us hard right now.

tropic sons || doug carn don't forget about the babies! 👶🏾👧🏾👦🏿 we're renting this planet from a bunch of people that we will never meet, so take care of it and "spread the vibe around the wooooorrrrrrlllld!!"

photosynthesis || saba first of all photosynthesis, the process of converting solar energy into food 🤓 second of all, saba is telling us to absorb good energy around us and convert it into healing energy, and through that process we can help the earth.

earfquake (channel tres remix) || tyler the creator ah yes, the release of potent energy and the creation of seismic waves causing our world to shake, but hey would you care to dance?

everybody loves the sunshine || roy ayers because i don't think you can have too many odes to the sun on one playlist. all praises due to the eminent energy source than provide enough energy in a single hour to run our society for a year. also, this songs gives american beach in august, a bbq at the inkwell, weekends in oak bluffs, sun bathing on highland beach or viewing wild horses on sapelo island type vibes. 

colors of the rainbow || lonnie liston smith brother lonnie reminds us that despite all the raggedy human things we do, mother nature, like a true mother still loves us. and that's nothing to be proud of, take care of ya mommas, your planetary and biological one.

keep ya head up || tupac educating girls is ranked 6 out of the 80 most comprehensive issues we can tackle to reverse global warming (drawdown). tupac puts girls/women on game to the ills of living in a patriarchal world and acknowledges their power. women are the most common farmers, water bearers, and nurturers. educate and protect our women. 

tupac also reminds us to stay motivated on the planet. it seems it'll never let up, but please, ya got to keep your head up.



**the outro is some ambient nature vibes by sean hellfritsch || cool maritime.  

if you enjoy this reading and playlist, like, follow, and share! and tell us your favorite song in the comments.

**listen to the soundcloud mix for some bonus audio not including on the spotify and apple music playlists.

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