we are raising our standards

last year we asked you to take a journey with us as we transitioned from a eco-lifestyle blog into a cooperative business.

after years of being a guerrilla business, we needed to decide how the FORT would grow and what it would grow into, and for whom. the cooperative business model, in lieu of a traditional business model or a non-profit, gives us the ability to build what we want (a regenerative economy with a fair distribution of wealth) rather than fighting something we don't.

while we continue to thread together the foundation of FORT NEGRITA THE CO-OP, the veil of the invisible hand unravels before the worlds' eyes and device screens.

even within our own structure we have exposed our own errors of trained capitalism and colonization, particularly the way we valued ourselves. our financial analysis showed us we perpetuated under paid labor. our online presence, showed us that we had succumbed to the the idea of competition-- a concept that insults the natural abundance of earth. le sigh. the work is heavy but we continue to rise.

with that, our most essential (and popular) product, the REUSABLE MENSTRUAL PAD, will experience a price increase to allow us to effectively build an abundant business, pay wages that match a quality of life, and provide additional programming. your last chance to get the reusable menstrual pads at $13 will be APRIL 30, so be sure to grab yours soon!

we also have new items to cop in the store: TOTE BAGS, TINCTURES, STAINLESS STEEL CANTEENS and ARTWORK on FortNegrita.com. be on the look out for more new product launches and don't let the algorithms bury us, cuz we'll germinate and come back like the seeds we are! 🌰

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