strong people don’t need strong leaders

“strong people don’t need strong leaders.” -ella baker 

pictured is a portion of the FORT NEGRITA steering committee. a group of stars in #aconstellationcalledtribe. well lived, well fed, well traveled, and well informed people. 

we have vision and dare to create the world we want to see. we lose sleep,  break down and cry, laugh hysterically, and then eat a nourishing meal to vibey playlists together in an effort to soothe the fatigue. we also prioritize pleasure, organize with neighbors, raise babies, harvest herbs, ride bikes, carpool, place make, mediate, meditate, churn compost, frolic, all in the name of building the best society we possibly can. 

we will be sharing full intros of the steering committee in the new year, for now enjoy this photo. 

thanks to all that have loved on these people, the FORT and themselves. 💚 @food_earth_birth @zahra_ala @alsiealsiealsie @beastmodeberc @kingmalachis_mama @avryjxn @nvismiles @thefairchild @groovyybaby @otanfood @herbknowsbest @storie2tell @myninjakene @thinkgreen_kd @thehandsremember @beautiful_ape_head @gangstastogrowers @kwong2g @leillucha ... and everybody else.

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