cheap dads & energy politics

ok, let’s hear dad out!

we all know the price we pay for turning up the heat, both financially and parentally, but there is also an environmental cost with turning up the heat. 

1. we contribute to more fossil fuels being extracted from the earth, which releases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and increases global temperatures (global warming). 

2. we increase our own exposure to climate risks such as flooding, heat islands, and air/water pollution. 

3. we send unintended messages to power companies that we demand more fossil fuels, causing those companies to inflate their capacity and monopoly on the energy industry. 

instead of turning up the heat, you can:

1. put on more clothes (like dad told us to do in the first place!)

2. once your nice and cozy email/call your power company to let them know you are interested in CLEAN/RENEWABLE energy (solar, geothermal, wind).

3. you and dad can start to investigate ways to move away from fossil fuel energy.  such as solar panel installations. 

4. you will quickly see from your search how expensive renewable energy conversions can be, and dad will give a hard ‘hell nah’, and that’s when you look into your local/state public service commissioners. they make decisions on utilities (energy, internet) and choosing the right people in those positions is critical in changing our relationship to fossil fuels. 

for instance in GEORGIA we have an opportunity to vote in a new public service commissioner, DANIEL BLACKMAN, on JAN 5, daniel states he would champion a climate-safe, renewable energy future for all. 

crazy how a conversation about our cheap dad turned into a political one 🤷🏿‍♀️ but not really.

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