the category is earth 🌍

celebrate the planet you call home with these offerings that you can enjoy on your own!

community ATLAR

to commence the month long EARTH celebration, we are building a communal alter space to give thanks for abundance, acknowledge violent impacts on the planet and to request healing and restoration of our global ecosystem. visit online for full details on how to build and altar and join us in our stories at 4:30p.

DIY clothes swap
start clearing out your closet! we're giving you details on how to plan a safe community clothing swap. 

songs abt climate change
do you know what climate change songs like? crashing glaciers, an orangutan screaming at a bulldozer, or artist singing/rapping about societal woes?
all of the above, listen in with us.  

yes, yes every day is earth day, but this day is the colonized/sanctioned day in which we re-share post about taking care of the earth, purchase eco-friendly products, google climate issues, and recycle. um kay?

april 30
gather 'round for an interactive dialogue featuring people 
that have centered the planet earth in their personal and professional lives. this is the first time stars of #aconstellationcalled tribe will share the gems they have gained over the last decade while living, playing, working, hurting, healing and offering in ATLANTA through a cooperative community model dedicated to BLACK PLEASURE and LIBERATION. Do miss out! RSVP:


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