join us for theGathering

On April 30, GATHER 'round for a interactive dialogue from BEINGS that have centered the planet EARTH in their personal and professional lives. their work is deeply intertwined and the lines are blurred, so much so, that is it difficult to distinguish one from the other. 

this is the first time stars of #aconstellationcalled tribe will share the gems they have gained over the last decade while living, playing, working, hurting, healing and offering in ATLANTA through a cooperative community model dedicated to BLACK PLEASURE and LIBERATION.  

excitedly, THE FORT will close out bEARTH MONTH with an offering that will inspire, sooth, and pay homage to being in cooperative, easy on the earth community. we offer an interactive exploration of the minds, basically a conversation with some of the dopest CUSTODIANS OF THE EARTH.


 *The Fort is taking donations to build an Aid Fund to support community and folks connected to The Fort. The Fort is a resource for many and we hope to continue to support the community when in need. Additionally, donations will go to the efforts that bring you bEARTH Day Fest, Earth Month, Pad Parties, the GeneralStore and more. (Give what you can)


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