three reasons why food waste happens

these are boxes of squash that would have been thrown into the trash, if it weren't for a truck driver and a location willing to host the food for people to come pick up. stacks of boxes of produce go to the trash every day due to the subsidization of 'big ag' and a supply chain designed to keep some hungry and others greedy. there are three common ways in which food is wasted. first there is the food that never makes it off the farm. on a farm, food is cultivated using laborers and water and the land is exploited, but 40% of what is grown will never reach the super market because it's over ripe, under ripe, ugly, or in this financial system, not worth the cost it would take to leave the farm. then there is super market food waste, which can occur as soon as employees start to unload the truck. those squash took a long 1,000 mile bumpy ride, and now they arrive to the store literally sqaushed. lastly, is the food wasted on our plates or in our refrigerators. elders all over are scolding us for wasting so much food. ask yourself: 1. can i make a better effort to cook the food i purchase before it goes bad? 2. do i know they best ways to store my produce for a longer shelf life? 3. can i cook just enough, instead of cooking too much to avoid unwanted leftovers? atlanta has several organizations working to recover food waste including including @umifeeds,  @atlantafreestore, and @goodrco, check them out and waste less. 

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