did u thank the sun today?

did you take time to thank the sun today? certainly hope so cuz everything we depend on, the gas that fuels our cars, the lunch we ate, our central heat and air are all brought to you by none other than the sun. thank you sun for bringing us energy day after day! and the day the sun stops rising this life will be no more (morbid ree) solar energy is the #1 energy source. the sun’s energy feeds the plants we eat and created the fossil fuels (gas/carbon) we use 650 million years ago, so fossil fuels are the sun’s sons 😎. in a single hour, the sun can provide us with enough energy to supply the entire planet with energy for a year. have you asked (ahem demanded) solar energy from your power companies lately? you should, after all, you are paying for a product, it might as well be one you love. 

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