pad party (on mlk day) recap

(photo by @kemistudio5)

in between the four grungy walls of @murmur_media, people that bleed found (or made rather) a piece of home. as they selected the size of menstrual pad and prints and colors they wanted, a playlist of sampha the great, ari lennox, and even, oldie marlena shaw played from a speaker. these people chatted about entrepreneurial plans, common characteristics of signs, relationship woes, and sewing techniques.

it's exciting to see how each pad party grows in size and momentum. i would love to get to the space where I host them consistently (once or twice a month) and until then, i offer them bi-monthly.

guests included queen of systems @nvismiles, seamtress/creator @kemistudio5, spelmannites including environmentalists @ieshabaldwin, life doula @eshechantana, holistic mama @shanti_eternal, and four women (maggie, amanda, ony, and olive) from the @thebakeryatlanta. maggie of the bakery was initially inspired by the pad party and made her own pads at home, and mentioned that they would like to have the pad party hosted at their venue. 

visit the pad party link on my website for details on why choose reusables over disposables, how to use a reusable menstrual pad, and to customize and purchase the perfect reusable menstrual pad for you. 

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