the kwanzaa principle umoja and living communally

(photos taken by LeeAnn morisette, check out her work and book her here, follow her on social @leeannchisolmmorrissette)

we got art bae who scribbles. woke bae that holds no tongue. business bae that gets these coins, groovy bae that floats like a butterfly. and of course me, earth bae trying to save the word one piece of trash at a time. the first kwanzaa principle umoja is definitely needed when living communally with four other women that have similar values, but different priorities. after living communally for two years, i figured out that it is the commitment to the practice of 'getting it right' that truly gives us unity. building consensus is a good practice in a multi-adult household. building consensus is the radical idea that NO ONE HAS TO COMPROMISE, and if we truly listen to each other, everyone's needs can be met. here are tips for building consensus: ONE, listen thoroughly and follow up. after people have stated their needs, incubate, and then say "so what i hear you saying is..." this to be sure you are not making assumptions, which brings me to my next tips. TWO, don't make assumptions! getting clarity by simply asking, eases up the tension of trying mind read. THREE, ask yourself, "does this really infringe on my values?" sometimes we get caught up in trying to have things our way that we start a big fuss for something we can be flexible about. can you deal with a minor tweak if it relieves your fellow housemates? FOUR, there is always room for improvement. nothing is set in stone people change their minds, if you want something changed arrange a house meeting to discuss. AND we can get into house meetings next time i talk about communally living.


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