two ingredient house cleaner

with momma’s looking at products with more scrutiny and the rise of self awareness, cleaners with toxic chemicals are becoming a thing of the past. i use vinegar to clean everything! the acidic smell is an indicator of ‘clean’ much like others may feel about the notorious bleach scent. i made a citrus juice blend and was left with a variety of citrus rinds in need of a new life. instead of composting the rinds, i tossed them into a jar with white vinegar and in a month, i will have a citrus scented cleaner. here’s the tips: use a large jar initially because it comes out less than u think with the rinds being removed at the end. use a jar with a plastic top. the metal ones will erode. open this jar once a week to let out any gas. after a month (or two!) drain vinegar solution into a jar of your choice separating the rinds. compost the rinds. 

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