you are worth more than the gift you give

and that's for whoever is struggling today with last minute purchases for the season. instead of buying that impersonal holiday gift set from the pharmacy, now is the time to be resourceful. here's are tips for avoiding the consumerism trap with the last 48 hours til showtime. FIRST commit to not going to anymore stores. it's crowded and everybody's in a mood is bad, stay home. TWO, think about what your gift receiver really needs. worse thing is to waste money and give something the receiver really doesn't care about. THIRD, think about what non-material gift you can give? a coupon book sounds silly, but when you help the receiver make plans to fulfill the coupon offerings, it shows that it wasn't just an empty gesture. FOURTH, what do you already have at home that is useful to offer and can be packaged nicely? teas are always a good idea, package them in cute fabric scraps with jute string/yarn, and natural elements (like holly!) for a seasonal touch. stones are also a goodie to re-share, they already have built'in magical energy, just sit the stones you want to give in salt water to neutralize them before sharing. LASTLY, what skills and talents you can offer to that person. can you make a quick craft project or a small piece of art? now, go make some calming tea, put on some music, and flex your creative skills. these are holy-days not hell-a-days.


see the article i wrote on being a conscious consumer

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