how to resort zero waste


for an earth-inspired person like me, resorts can be a cringe-worthy experience. considering the amount of food waste, energy waste, excess materials, and privileged guests 🙄; it would seem like a resort would drive me crazy! and trust me i've been driven away from resorts before. but this time, i decided to focus on all the ways in which i could be zero waste at the resort. here's a few things i did to minimize my carbon footprint at the decamron in haiti 1. while eating at the buffet ONLY PICK UP WHAT YOU CAN EAT. the old adage from black grandmothers is to not waste food. grab food in small protions and go back for more only if you can eat it all.  2. TURN OFF THE AIR in your room when you are not there. sure an icy cold room sounds great and all, but what’s a quick 5 minute wait to a real player? when you are back in you room, turn on your air and wait a few minutes for the room to cool. 3. ask for all food and beverages in REUSABLE CUPS. some bars may serve in disposable plastic cups, simply ask for a glass or reusable cup instead. 4. SUBMIT A REVIEW or email to the resort with suggestions on how they could be more green. for the Decameron, i would encourage the resort to adopt onsite composting infrastructure for food waste. install wind and solar power, which are two abundant resources on the beach, as their primary energy sources. use reusable cups instead of disposables, especially by the beach where those cups can easily end up in the ocean. add an eco-room service option where the staff makes minimal changes in your room per day, and only changes out your linen by request. do you have any tips for staying at resorts while zero waste? 

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