8 tips on traveling to and through haiti

so you're thinking about going to haiti, and you want to know if it's a good idea. let me first tell you it is a GREAT IDEA, and also let me be clear that haiti is a worker's country, so don't come to play without following these tips. 1. have some haitian kinfolk BEFORE you come to haiti. that could be your haitian homegirl that connects you to her uncle in PAP, or an organization RUN BY A HAITIAN (american). this is to root yourself properly into the country. NO your church organization DOES NOT count. 2. be prepared to OFFER TIME AND GIFTS to the country prior to resting you pretty little self in a resort beach chair. complete a project: painting, cleaning, gardening, etc. and bring first aid supplies, snacks, and clothes to offer to people in the community where your connect lives. (not a NGO drop off situation). 3. GREET every possible HAITIAN you can with a BONJOU or BONSWA. and when they do something for you say MERCI BEAUCOUP (messy boocoo), and offer a monetary tip when possible, which is most of the time. also, learn creole words and use them! it shows you are invested in learning the haitian way. 4. know that every deed a haitian does for you comes with a price. BE PREPARED TO TIP. don't be a stingy MF, if you stingy stay home. 5. don't be dumb. DON'T BE DUMB. don't be dumb. or you will be tried. 6. this is not a petting zoo, ASK IF YOU CAN TAKE A PICTURE of/with someone. and don't be taking them tacky prostitute-a-local picture. be authentic with it. 7. know that you may get finagled with an extra rider in your car or buying food for others when you didn't anticipate it. don't get made, spread love, that's what are real mob do. 8. trust that the country (and it's people) is trying to convince you that haiti is the best place on earth, so when you are midway into your trip and start talking about your plans to move back, don't be surprised.

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