womb fest recap and reusable menstrual pad reminder


the disposable menstrual pads that are commonly used today are only about 100 years old. it is also said that every disposable pad that has ever been used is still rotting in a landfill today. and when the world transitioned to disposable menstrual pads it was not because of sanitation but rather because of the convenience the disposables provided to nurses in world war i battlefields. reusable menstrual pads were never an issue of sanitation, but rather a need for something super absorbent while living in a tent for months on end. ask yourself "do i work in a war battlefield or something similar? is the disposable menstrual pad a necessary landfill waste for me?"

last weekend i threw a 2-day pad party at one of my favorite festivals the VIBRANT MOONS NATURAL WELLNESS FESTIVAL FOR THE INDIGENOUS WOMEN. we made reusable menstrual pads, danced, talked fertility calendars, hugged new sister friends, and planned lunch dates. it's a joy to host the PAD PARTY at this festival because these women are ready to receive a better way to experience their cycles.

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