first international pad party in haiti

reusable menstrual pads Zero Waste

(📸 photo cred: @thevirtuouslion @sadekaycreates)


when planning to host a PAD PARTY in haiti, i was advised that the turnout may be low. understandably so, because even in the US (you know, the country of free speech and freedom and ish) i am met with grimace faces, ignorant questions, and squirmy adults when i talk about reusable menstrual pads. in haiti, trauma, spiritual practices and patriarchy have made women limit their interactions with their own menstrual cycle. we hosted a pad party where my linesisters and i made pads for women in the Fayette community, where @beastmodeberc's family lives and grew up. we sat around and made reusable menstrual pads until 3AM, while listening to Beyonce's "Homecoming" and drinking Prestige- Haiti's national beer. The next day were able to hand-off reusable menstrual pads with directions in creole to women in Fayette. FORT NEGRITA has committed to make reusable pads accessible to people in Haiti as an ongoing effort. help us keep people that bleed secured during their cycle by making a tax deductible DONATION HERE:

(📸 photo cred: @thevirtuouslion @sadekaycreates)

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