hot girl service in haiti

no strangers to werk, we served up some REAL hot girl service!

in addition to our BEACH CLEAN UP, my sisters and i connected with the l’Ecole de la Redemption (run by @beastmodeberc family) to freshen up the SCHOOL LIBRARY and add some GREENERY to the courtyard. 📚

we also donated basic MEDICAL SUPPLIES to the community of Fayette, where @beastmodeberc’s parents live. and donated money to the Alum Alpha Omega Medical Ministry. 🏩 

lastly, we hosted a pad party to make REUSABLE MENSTRUAL PADS as an economical, healthy, and environmentally friend alternative to disposable menstrual pads  

we are still taking donations for our ongoing efforts. MAKE a tax deductible DONATION through @_tracelingheart.

@theestallion let us drive the boat... to haiti! 



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