How to Recycle Electronics in DC

Zero Waste

Do you have a bunch of antiquated electronics hanging around your crib? Like the off-brand Palm Pilot that you never took out the packaging or chargers from those Blackberry's you lost ways back?

Yes, we all have a stash of unused gadgets (and the cords to match!) somewhere in our homes.

Luckily, there are plenty of recycling options in DC/ Greater Metropolitan area that take your old technology.

I took two shopping bags of items to Turtle Wings in Capitol Heights, MD. You can also take items to Best Buy, which has a pretty thorough recycling program, Radio Shack and most cell phone retailers, but I'm an avid supporter of local businesses, so off to Turtle Wings I go.

Turtle Wings' story is similar to my own. In the early 2000s, Turtle Wings founder, Elizabeth, was ready to update her computer and couldn't find a place that would take her bulk machine from the 90s.

She took matters into her own hands and started Turtle Wings!

I also think Turtle Wings takes a lot more than one of those electronic stores. I dropped off a bag of loose cords (everything from AV cords to fuse wires), two old Blackberrys, a broken digital camera and a broken waffle maker (seriously, a waffle maker!).

There are a few things Turtle Wings will not take, check out the list here. For more places in the area that accept electronics check out the list on, try to stick with a local option.

Happy Recycling!

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