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Set Sail (For NaNa)

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playa de sua beach
The weeks have been much up and down weather-wise. From very sunny and scorching hot, to cool and gloomy. It's a toss up I tell ya!

Well, not even a week into being in Ecuador, my NaNa (paternal great-grandmother) passed. I was a bit burdened by the news the first night, but after clarity was happy for the new adventures her sweet-soul will encounter.

playa de sua beach

On the Isla de los Pajaros there's a bizarre set of birds, the blue-footed boobies, whose name should some it all up. In the picture below the "Cueva del Amor" (Love Cave) is right behind it. The owner of the boat says 'you go in two, come out three.'  Go Figure!
playa de sua beach

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