Alternatives to Using Baby Wipes

Zero Waste

recycling is not enough
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Before reading this article in New York magazine, I was two wipes away from an empty travel size pack. I liked to keep a stash for, well you know, those moments when I need them.

Two left was usually my time to stop by the nearest pharmacy to re-up, but with recently becoming more aware of the trash I produce, I knew this would be the last two wipes I used.

We feel a little cleaner with the swipe of a moist wet wipe on our bums, but that swipe of security isn't worth the dirty clean up it will cost your city sewage system.

Even though most moist wipes/ baby wipes claim to be flushable all that really means is it can make it down you home's pipes. But can it shoot through miles of pipes and sewage? That's another story.

The New York City Department of  Environmental Protections says those wet wipes cost about $18 million extra per year, and the wet wipe phenomena has doubled since 2008! Those MTA seats must be baby powder fresh.

Here are my suggestions for the flushy fiends.

1. If your at home USE A WASHCLOTH! It can't be any better than this, and when you think about it moist wipes are really just a c-list washcloths. Wash clean thoroughly, wash it and dry. Ready for a new use without waste.

2. Slightly dampen toilet paper prior to going in a public stall to do your deeds. Yes they are much thinner, but toilet paper was created for toilet in a sense that it dissolves after 5 seconds so it's less likely to clog up pipes and water streams.

3. Splash some water. This may not be good for the public bathrooms, but if your at a family or friends home take advantage of the sink right next to you. Just don't leave water everywhere.

4. If your the type of person that can get over your wipes, throw them away instead of flushing them. I don't encouraged this at all, but if you have to, throwing away is the lesser of evils.

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