How 'No' Can You Go?

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I have a growing infatuation with Eco-minimalists. They do the absolute least, but it's a fascinating life when you think about the many adjustments they've made to their life for a simpler planet.

It's the art of 'No,' not occasionally, only on Sundays or sometime-ish. Zero wasters, like Professor Dumpster, have decided to remove themselves totally from the planet's waste problem.

Jeff Wilson, Professor Dumpster, living and teaching in a dumpster for a year. He's starting with nothing but in a year he and students will create amenities fit for a dumpster.

Here's 7 reasons why Professor Dumpster is great!

Take these concepts on the road. A new school of Eco-enthusiasts will take these Dumpster concepts and plant them into the various companies they go to work for after college.

Less is more! This project makes people think about all the 'things' they own. Do you really need that new couch set?

The class will invent new sustainable gadgets, and I can't wait until they hit the market! (Selfish gain) They plan to build a toilet, compact kitchen and

And now you know! Environmentally responsible people may be aware that there energy-sucking, material-wasteful homes aren't good for Earth, but don't know how to changes. Professor Dumpster is giving the how to.

Down the line, there will be neighborhoods of people living in amenity-filled micro homes. I'm thinking The Overlook at Dumster Dwellings, with street names like No Waste Way and Trash Terrace.

Who doesn't love options? The results of this project will bring alternative options to standardize living habits, and we can side eye the people who don't get with the program.

He's redefining the term 'living out of a dumpster.' So the Notorious B.U.M. isn't the first person you think about when you hear that phrase.

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