Best Option for Hardwood Flooring and Custom Pieces in Metro Atlanta


recycling is not enough

Here's a recap of my visit to Eutree, forest-free wide plank hardwood flooring and urban sawyer.

What happens to the tree that falls in the forest when no one is around? I'm quite sure it makes a sounds, but I'm also sure that in most cases it lays to rot or it is shredded up by one of those monstrous ear-piercing pieces of equipment.

Oh great, we re-purpose beautifully-bold oak or wavy-patterned pecan trees for sawdust, awesome. I hope you hear my sarcasm.

What if instead of sending trees in good condition to the arbor mortuary, they were given new life as a gorgeous dinner table, a unique wine cellar or stellar wood floors?

recycling is not enough

That's where Sims Acuff of Eutree comes in. His company salvages forest-free trees to create primarily plank flooring, but Eutree also makes customized furniture. Forest-free trees means they will need to be removed for reasons other than lumber. Similar to how a conventional Buddhists cannot have an animal killed specifically for eating,  Sims doesn't accept trees that are purposely cut to be used for lumber.

recycling is not enough

Most trees that arrive to his facility are older trees that were on their last limb (get it limb? :-D) or needed to be removed for hazardous reasons like risk to buildings, roads, etc. This process is probably the most effective green option when designing, improving or decorating your home.

When I arrived to the Eutree facility, lumber sat on every edge of the gates. On the right, a pile of what looked like non-replenished pieces of wood. To the left, were these big boys (see below). A couple had two white oak trees in their yard that were 5 feet away there home. Could you imagine!? Needless to say it was the trees or their home. The couple was looking to create a custom slab table and a possible wine cellar.

recycling is not enough

Sims welcomed me into the drafty warehouse, where there was a wall of neatly stacked oak planks. Oak is Eutree's most common tree used, but he also carries Walnut and Cherry in smaller quantities. He even showed me a pieces of pecan, it all depends on what he comes across.

It's about a five month process to get the wood ready for use. The first month or so, the wood goes through its trimming process, where it's cut into even-edged planks. Sims showed me a total of three machines that get the wood down 8-12 inch wide planks.

recycling is not enough

The other four months of pre-work is spent drying. First, the wood is air dried on an easy ventilation pallet, then it's sent to the kiln for approximately three months of drying.

I will have additional post about Eutree as I will be getting updates on the couple with the two huge white oak trees. I'm really interested to see the end product!

Here's THREE reasons why Eutree is the best option for hardwood flooring and custom pieces in Metro Atlanta, GA:

1. All trees are forest-free trees. Sims is particular about where he gets his trees from, he wants to be sure he isn't picking up conflicted lumber.
2. It's a locally owned company, not to exclude that the trees are too! So you get flooring with Southern Charm.
3. Eutree uses the most sustainable pratice for going the 'green' route when building or impoving your home or office.

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