Upcycle Old Honey Bear Bottles (DIY)

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recycling is not enough

Before I moved, there were three bottles of honey in the apartment: one full bottle of honey and two honey-bear bottles with a quarter inch of crystallized honey.

I saw a cute DIY with honey bears on A Beautiful Mess a while back, and thought this would be the perfect time to give it a spin!

What You Will Need
Empty Honey Bear Bottles (Clean)
Glitter Spray Paint
Permanent Marker
Fresh Flowers
recycling is not enough

1.       A day before completing the project, soak the bottles in water. This will make the labels soft and easy to remove.
2.       Scrap the labels off the bottles using a razor or sharp edge item. Be sure not to puncture the bottle, as you will be filling it with water. Pat dry if necessary.
3.       Outside, spray one coat of the glitter onto your honey bears. I stuck mine on sticks it stuck in the ground to help with getting all sides of the bottle without having to touch the paint.  Let it dry for about 45 minutes, longer if the first coat isn’t dry.
4.       Spray the second coat of glitter. Because of the bottles shape, make sure you cover all the crannies well. Let dry. *NOTE* I ended up doing three coats of the glitter to make the sparkles stand out more. Do it to your desired look.
5.       Prep your flowers for the honey bears, by snipping stems down to the size of the bottles. My trick is sitting the bottle on the edge of the countertop and holding the flowers at the length in which I want to flowers to stick out of the top. I then cut off the stems at the point where the bottom of the bottle stops and the countertop starts.
6.       Be sure to pull off any leaves that may end up in the water, because the leaves in the water will make the flower brown quicker.
7.       Add about a teaspoon of sugar to the bottle. *QUICK FACT* The sugar is a reinforcement of the sucrose that the flowers lose once they’re cut from their stems.
8.       Place the flowers in the bottle and arrange as you like. *NOTE* I try to give mine an even balance by arranging the purples in the center and pinks around the rim.
9.       Add water and find a perfect space for them. Remember they love sunlight!

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