How I Packed One Book Bag for 8 Days in Jamaica

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recycling is not enough

With planning for my 8-day trip to Jamaica, I wanted to minimize the amount of bags I took. I certainly didn't plan to check a bag, and decided to challenge myself to a single book bag.
Why you ask? Well, #1 I wanted a light load. I could have grabbed my overnighter, but there are no wheels on that bad boy, which would mean lots of stress on my shoulders. #2 I am far too familiar with packing and traveling, that I knew I would not use much of what was in my bag.
The initial place we were staying was an privately-owned rental, and luckily there was a washer. This helped with minimizing my belongings. 
Here are three ways to help you minimize your traveling bag:

#1 Only bring what you need. Yes, the most obvious way to eliminate a bunch of trivial items in your bag is to avoid the unnecessary.
#2 Share with your travel buddies. One thing my friends and I do is call each other a few days before departing, we see who can bring what so we can share toiletries like toothpaste and shampoo. 
#3 Eliminate the Just-in-case items. What's the likelihood of you getting a stomach virus, stung by a bee, having something stolen and running out of clothes in one trip? Just chill, and pack an extra $20 for emergencies.
Here’s what I packed!

In My Book Bag
2 Pairs of Shorts
3 Dresses
2 Crop Tops
1 T-Shirt
1 Dress Top
2 Bathing Suit tops
3 Bathing Suit Bottoms
5 Pairs of Underwear
1 Bra
1 Pair of No-show socks
1 Pair of Sport Socks
1 Battery Charger
1 Extra Battery
1 Phone Charger
2 Books
1 Personal Journal

recycling is not enough

In My Train Case
1 Toothbrush
1 Homemade Toothpaste
1 Washcloth
1 Hand Towel (Used as a regular towel)
2 Menstrual Sponges
2 Regular Pads
2 Sanitary Napkins
1 Pack of Matches
1 Reusable Bottle of Mixed Oils
Bobby Pins
3 Scrunchies
1 Claw Comb
1 Canvas Bag for Snacks
1 Spork
1 Mason Jar
1 Steel Straw

In My Purse
1 Wallet
1 Zip bag of Pens and Change
1 Mirror
1 Passport
1 Sunshades 
In My Tiffin Box
Interchangeable Snacks (Fruit/ Pita, trail mix, salad, etc.)
recycling is not enough

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