You've Been Tricked Into Buying Bottled Water

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This is a part of my water series see What is BPA and "Everything Else About Your Plastic Bottles" also!)

Citizens of Fort Negrita!

Allow me to get straight to the point.

Your precious bottles of water; with its valley streams, ice-capped mountains and brainiac clouds, is more sketchy to drink than tap water, because it is less regulated than the water that oozes freely through your tap.

See the thing is tap water is regulated by the EPA, which has to keep good standing of it's drinking water. Why??! Well we are the world richest country. Could you imagine our foreign visitors going home to tell tales of dirty water in the U.S.?! **scoffs**

Because there is regulation on the nation's tap water. Research and treatment is steady and ready thanks to sweet taxpayers like you and me.

On the other hand, bottled water is regulated by the FDA, which has less stringent requirements (remember they are the organization that allowed canned whole chickens on the market). These are corporate companies, which means they work on the bottomline.
If the FDA is not forcing them to upkeep there water research; why would they waste their money and time? After all, they could use all the capital they can get to make you continuously believe you need bottled water over tap water.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? According to the National Resources Defense Council 25 to 40 percent of bottled water is just filtered tap. So you are paying for something you can do for free, at home, without waste.

I saw this video (below) and immediately wanted to share! "The Story of Bottled Water" was produced by sustainable and consumerism activist, Annie Leonard. She gives a glimpse of how the rugged Levi's wearing American's dared to drink sophisticated bottled water. Also, how society has come to 'fear' tap water.

If this video doesn't make you feel silly, wasteful and careless; I can't help you. -_-

If you want to know more about the health risk of bottled water check out this post.

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