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Dashing out of the house with my shoes untied and my hair halfway unbraided is a common morning habit here at the Fort. The frequent morning rush often means no time for breakfast.

In my clever effort to be zero waste, I figured out an easy breakfast option. If a grocery store is nearby, buy fresh apples and peanut butter (in a glass jar!) forΒ  breakfast sans trash. The apple should be trash-less and as long as you get a glass jar of PB, it can be reused for food storage at home.

In the third "My Zero Waste Life" vlog, I show you how to reuse old thank you cards. Usually you can turn your bi-fold card into a postcard-like gram, and if you're lucky, reuse the same envelope.

I also visit a local wine shop for zero waste wine called 3 Parks Wine in Glenwood. It's the perfect place for zero waste wine. You purchase community wine, which is placed into a 3 Parks Wine growler. Whenever you are ready to buy more wine, you return your old growler and get a fresh growler to fill with your wine of choice.

Now that I'm thinking about it, this vlog is really helpful with zero waste on-th-go, because you also learn how to wrap bulk snacks in napkins if you do not have canvas bags available and how to fit hot bar food into your stainless steel tiffin.

Buen Provecho!

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