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Zero Waste

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My lifestyle may seem overwhelming, but I too approached the trash-free lifestyle in baby steps. Here are six easy tips you can use to start your zero waste life today.

Take your own privileges away. When you get to the coffee shop, and realize you didn’t bring your reusable mug, cancel your order and walk away from the barista. It will teach you to plan better the next time, and also encourage coffee shops to provide ‘dine-in’ options.

Observe what you feed your trashcan. Examine the types of items that are typically filling up your receptacle. What takes up the most space? What starts to smell quickly? What can be recycled?

Designate a set of work dishes. You may not be ready to carry dinnerware in your purse, but at least you can decrease the amount of disposables you use at work. Bring a plate, bowl, cup and silverware set to work. Use them during lunch of course, but also for coffee and cake with co-workers. Your colleagues will see the sensibility in reusable tableware, and bring their own set to work too!

Implement Guidelines. Initiate a couple of home rules to decrease the volume of trash you consume. For instance, limit how often you can fill a trash bag, ban products packaged in Styrofoam or vow to not use disposables inside your home.

Visit the bulk-goods aisle. Many people shop in grocery stores with a bulk goods section and don’t even realize it. Take a stroll down the bulk aisle on your next grocery store visit. See if you can find items you would typically buy in packaging and compare prices. If you really want to show off; buy something!

Think like your grandma. Grandmas, na-nas and great-aunts are notorious for keeping things out of the trashcan; such as partially moldy bread or your big cousins' old clothes. Consider what would grandma do?

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