My Zero Waste Life// Wedding Style (VIDEO)

Travel Zero Waste

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Being invited to a wedding can be hectic in itself. Between booking flights and choosing fish or chicken, the only thing you will be anticipating is the open bar. J/k

I truly ADORE weddings and even took a trip to NYC three years ago to watch my good  friend get engaged in Central Park on a cold night in December. (I love you fav!) So I was excited to finally watch the lovely couple say 'I do.'

Nonetheless, I had to do this trip to Orlando in zero waste steez! I packed my book bag (of course), wore secondhand clothes and even assembled a zero waste bridal gift.

My gift was a bath potion mix made with Himalayan Sea salt, spirulina, cinnamon all mixed into a Mason Jar.

I even got some of my sisters to show off their zero waste outfits throughout the trip.

Music by Soulettiquette

Intro- Planet Giza

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