My Zero Waste Life// Ecotourism (VIDEO)

Atlanta Eco-Tourism

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There are many ways to explore a city. Some find fancy in the nightlife, others like to dwell in historical neighborhoods, but I'm always wondering 'what that nature life talm bout?!' In laymen term "Where are the ecotourist attractions?"

Get this, I lived in Tallahassee for almost five years and never visited the Sinkhole, Wakulla Springs or the Apalachicola National forest. It's crazy to think I missed out on those natural gems, and for that I am an avid ecotourist.

 Ecotourism is one of the best ways to navigate a city for the low. Recently, I biked to Stone Mountain in Atlanta's metro outskirts. It was a rewarding experience.

Visiting endangered natural lands helps to increase awareness, capital and foot traffic for places that would otherwise slip into the hands of natural gas fracking companies.

I also recently had some visitors form CNN in the Fort. They will be covering my zero waste life soon!

PS- Ever wondered how to make zero waste Reese's cups. I give a mini-tutorial.

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