3 'What If' questions around rap culture and sustainability

Atlanta Self Reliance Zero Waste

With all the buzz about Earth Month and the green-filled festivities occurring across the globe, everyone is expanding their outlook on what it means to be "eco-friendly." Even better, people are adopting habits to minimize their trash and contributions to the landfill.

Recently Erykah Badu dedicated a mixtape to the endangered bee species, Jadakiss opened a juice bar, and Future is headlining Broccoli City Fest, a festival dedicated to building awareness around sustainable practices including recycling, reducing energy usage and alternative forms of transportation.

What a time to be alive!

The hype of it all, got me thinking about the intersection between rap and sustainability and what if the culture could influence a tribe of head bobbin' minimalist.

Here's three 'What If' questions on hip hop and sustainability.

What if future drunk dirty sprite out of a n insulated reusable cup?
Styrofoam is one of the most non-sustainable non-renewable materials. If you want to recycle a Styrofoam cup good luck! Only a small percentage of waste recyclers accept Styrofoam. It's also if full of chemicals that can leach into drinks. Hey future, why not just carry an insulated reusable cup; it will keep your lean cold and your carbon foot print on the low.

What if the Migos turned those bandos into sustainable off-the-grid housing?
With Atlanta having the largest income gap among the nation's 50 major cities two years in a row. It's becoming difficult for 'old' Atlanta to stay IN Atlanta. Many, myself included, are considering alternative forms of housing including off-the-grid concepts. The Migos could provide functional living spaces by adopting solar energy systems for electricity, wood burning stoves for cooking and staying warm, rain collection for showers and gardening for food. Self sufficiency at it's best.
What if DJ Khaled's green apple was locally-grown?
Let's consider an apple that travels 2,600 miles to get to the king of Snapchat. That apple is lucky enough to make it off the farm as 40-60 percent of food never make it off 'big ag' farms with the challenge being that it will go bad on its international trip from farm, to boat, to truck, to grocery store, to you. I would love for DJ Khaled to Snapchat apples he brought from the farmers markets while eating an apple at the farmers market.

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