Go Zero Waste at the Farmer's Market

Zero Waste

The farmers market is a great all in one place for food and fun. You can literally have brunch with friends, walk your dog, buy local produce and get some much needed outside time in one setting.

Make the most out of your farmers market experience by using these very helpful zero waste tips.

Pack a Bag
It's the easiest thing you can do! You know you're headed to buy groceries so bring a reusable bag with you. If you have a really good tote, you can fit so much in one bag and not have to consider a single-use plastic bag.

Carry Reusable Foodware
You know your favorite crepe guy is going to be there with scrumptious savory and sweet goodies. Bring a food container, Tupperware or hell, even a bowl with you. It can easily fit in the reusable bag you're bringing.

Also it's good to have all three of you zero waste essentials to avoid plastic cutlery and paper napkins.

Bring Small Bulk Bags
For loose carrots, spring mix, nut and such, bring small reusable bags so you don't need the disposable bags.

Tell Vendors What You're Doing
Don't be afraid to tell vendors that you are adopting zero waste habits and want to keep you trash to zero (or at minimum). This will expose the vendors to a new concept and in return, they will be more apt to make there business practices sustainable.

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