to my pop pop and nana

in 2013, i took a leap of faith, away from corporate professional career, to go for something i really wanted: a chance to live in another country. after a few days of living and adjusting to my ecuadorian life, i was informed that my nana (my paternal (maternal) great grandmother) had passed. i was full of regret because right before my trip, i planned to go see her, and instead was derailed to a brunch with friends. i was ok with her passing, but it was my lack of priorities that really had me upset. i wrote about it on my blog, where i took a boat trip and sunk a message in the bottle for her.

now here we are five years later, and friday my father oddly calls me (he rarely calls, i do the calling in this relationship), and i knew it wasn't just a check in call. my father informed me that after five years without this boo, my pop pop decided to leave this physical realm. sad and heavy by the news, but also one of the most forgiving people of the grim reaper, because i over stand rebirths, renewals and fresh starts that when 'its time' you can only accept the notion.

i'm grateful for this duo who taught me some of the most essential things in life. like table manners. i sometimes catch my elbows on a table, and flip out at myself. their commitments to being self-employed, also give me courage to run my own business. my nana was a hair dresser for a while, then she picked up embroidery and had the whole dc metro area lit with the letterman jackets and such. my pop pop was a cab driver all my life! 30 years later and it is likely that he serviced somebody in his cab this year, even though everybody has been telling him to stop driving. 

i want to know more about them both. my pop pop's life living on the chesapeake bay. and nana's life in boarding school, north carolina and such. 

i told them to meet me in my dreams.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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