how to build an earth altar

We invite folks to build a community alter to celebrate the earth,  our lives and all that has brought us here to exist very on purpose.  The  altars being created during b(earth) day Fest are ones of mourning,  joy, resilience, celebration, honoring our existence and paying homage to the earth for how she holds us regardless of how we treat her. 

Staying Community Safe During COVID  while hosting an altar build

  • Offer a spray of hand sanitizer upon people entering 
  • Have safety signage up 
  • Set up sanitation stations that include sanitizer, extra mask, wet wipes
  • Make sanitizer available throughout the space
  • Mask up
  • Social Distance (avoid giving hugs and or touching unnecessarily with people not in your pods or without consent)

Altar Supplies ( please consider only using items that can be repurposed, recycled or upcycled)

  • Items to represent nature's elements (earth (dirt, sand, rocks), wind (wind chime), fire, water)
  • Plants and/or flowers 
  • Things that bring you joy that you do not mind letting go of
  • Fabric 
  • Items for beautification
  • Art supplies so folks can add manifestations of joy to the altar
  • Fruit, honey, foods that are vibrant or hold a specific meaning. Like food intended for joy, cleansing, 
  • Spare change, money
  • Sage, lemon grass for cleansing and smudging 
  • Bubbles 
  • Crystals 
  • Vessels to hold water/liquids and flowers

*as your gather altar supplies, be called to the supplies, be present when selecting items, take your time, find significance in the items you choose 

Altar Logistics

  • Where to Build: When deciding on a location consider the following. Due to COVID we encourage an outside site
        • A  site accessible to many to be able to enjoy the celebration altar
        • A  site that you want to reclaim
        • A  site of importance
        • A site you want to make more visible 
  • When to Build:
        • Anytime during the Month of April
        • When the sun is shining 
        • A a numerically significant time of day- 3:33, 1:11, 11:11, etc
        • A historical time of day when a significant event occurred that you want to uplift
  • A vibe
      • The alters that the Fort is inviting people to build can represent whatever you want it to, it can be for mourning, joy, resilience, celebration or a combination of purposes. There are many reasons to build an altar. The vibe of the altar ought to represent its intentions. If it is of mixed intention, keep that in mind as you set the vibe for the altar. 

    Pre Alter Build

    • Identify who will take on what role during the build
    • Will it be a public community build where ppl are invited to participate
      • If so remember to invite folks with COVID precautions in place 
    • Will it be documented live
    • Identify What time will the Coordinator and team arrive
    • Ens

    Step By Step on how to build 

    1. Identify where you will build your  altar 
    2. Cleanse the area where the altar will be built. Literally cleaning it, burning sage, lemon grass, or any other way you feel fit to cleanse your space
    3. Lift your vibrations prior to starting the alterbuild. Smug yourself, dance to a song that makes you move your body, take a  moment of silence to speak sweetly to yourself, send up an affirmation for how you want to be and feel during the alterbuild.
    4. On an ongoing basis whisper affirmations as you move through the alter build
    5. Set up your altar
      1. Cover it with fabric
      2. Intentionally place items, think of where the sun raises, be aware of the cardinal directions, be mindful of the way the wind is blowing
      3.  as you place items, name what the item may represent, why you are offering it, etc… Of course this is an optional aspect of building an alter.
      4. Pour your libations
      5. Light your candles and anything else that needs to be lit
    6. Step back, look at the alter,  inhale for 3 secs, exhale for 3 sec then spend time energetically pouring more intention into the altar, bless the alter. The pouring/blessing can be in silence, with dance and movement, with instruments, poetry, song, etc..
    7. Invite people to spend individual time with the alter as the community holds space for them. Holding space means being spiritually,  physically, mentally, and emotionally present for someone. Directing your energy to someone to support them as they feel their feelings .
    8. The altar is living, it will require ongoing maintenance. Occasionally clearing the altar space to keep it from looking cluttered or messy. Also, put a sign up for agreements on what can go on the altar space, how to treat the altar, etc.), add fresh flowers and water, relighting candles, reupping fruit, etc..

    Roles Needed to Build an Alter:

    • Coordinating Superstar
    • Documentarian (stills, video, 
    • Safety person (has first aid kit and a safety plan just in case)
    • Runner (someone to run errands if needed)

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