First Impressions of Austin

Just this morning I was in the West End, and over the day I  have ended up in Austin for the SXSWEco conference. Tomorrow morning, I have an all day volunteer shift, but I wanted to give a quick review of what I think of Austin so far.

I'm super excited about the conference, because I will get to immerse myself in dialogue and actions for a superfluous future. Today, when I picked up my badge, I learned about the Land Art Generator Initiative where about 15 architecture/design collaboration came up prototypes for improving the Santa Monica water front. From desalinating the beach water for potable use to rebuilding biodiversity by designating homes for sea life and capturing solar/current/wind power for energy. The future is green, the future is abundant, the future is full of integrity.

As Austin on first impressions, I give it a B.

Luckily for me, Austin has CapMetro an efficient transit system, that has been getting me to and fro the city all day long. And it's only $1.75 per ride or $3.50 for an all day pass.

I made my way to Wheatsville Co-op for nuts and dried mango from the bulk section of the grocery store. IT was awesome because I also got hot bar food in my own container and kombucha in a reusable jar.


I'm staying at a hostel to save money, but it's cool, decent, LOL. The walls are full of colorful art. And there's no compost, so I'm ditching all my food scraps in bushes. Like these items that made it all the way to Austin form Atlanta.






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