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Monday, I spent the entire day volunteering at the registration desk at SXSWEco. Here’s why. I’m notorious for volunteering at festivals. It’s the best way to attend a conference your press to go to while saving hundreds of dollars. Sure, I have to pay for a plane ticket and lodging, but I also get access to the the same workshops and sessions that paid attendees have access to.

Nonetheless, it was a long day, so not much outside of answering “there’s no such thing as stupid questions” questions.

But I did get a chance to hangout at Congress Ave bridge that night and stalked the bats. I waited for almost two hours and saw them come out one-by-one from the bridge crevices. And without being ungrateful, I have to say I was expecting a flood of bats to come out like the beginning of the 90s Batman cartoon.

The bats are women bats that come to Austin (away from the men, lol) every May to give birth. Their season is May-November, and the babies are born around June, which is high season obviously. The babies leave soon after they’re are born and the mamas stay until it starts to get cold.

PS- vegan food life in Austin is dreamy AF. Might do a food post.

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