19 Everyday Acts of Revolution

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What does revolution look like to? 

Perhaps our idea of revolution was developed by movies, music and pop culture, but let' be real it's overwhelming to think about it.

Like a scene from The Warriors; angry youth in denim jackets and black skinny jeans slamming trash cans into windows whilst Jay-Z's "Takeover" plays enthusiastically in the background. 

Revolution doesn't have to be so complicated, violent or devastating.

Practicing everyday acts of revolution is how we manage to exists, otherwise, we spend our lives waiting for that big 'scene' to happen.

In lieu of a big undertaking, take everyday acts of revolution and trust that ideologies and behaviors will spread. 

They say the revolution won't be televised, and that's because it won't. We don't event recognize the revolution because it's happening right before our eyes. 

Here's 19 Everyday acts of revolution, add some other great ones in the comments.

1.Eat fruit. Especially ones with seeds. Share fruit too, that's always great.

2. Be a snob when it comes to your coins. "Oh, this wasn't made sustainably? I don't want it." "Oh you don't know if people were paid fairly when they made this? I'll put it back." "Oh, this isn't a small family biz? Thanks, but no thanks." Be a conscious shopper.

3. Use your imagination. Make something out of nothing. Make a dollar out of 15 cents.

4. Pack a bug out bag and be ret for anything. I'm building out my everyday bookbag to also be a bug out bag, but it gets difficult when you're walking around with a blade. Be ready for anything.

5. Set up a rain catchment system, and start to use water that is alternative to city water. Even if it's only enough to water you garden, or flush the toilet, just do it.

6. Hang dry your clothes instead of using a dryer, it happens to be a very therapeutic experience, but you also save energy that would have been burned by coal, a non-renewable fossil fuel that is extracted underneath the ground in dangerous conditions.

7. Cook meals for other people, build community through meals.

8. Learn how to build a fire. Fire is a very controlled element. Energy, fuel, oxygen are the three requirements to build a fire. Watch some Youtube videos and practice in various scenarios. You just never know. 

6. Go without AC. Duke it out, buy a fan, sit on your porch and meet people. 

7. Stop buying stuff, especially stuff you are only going to use occasionally. Borrow from friends and family, and return it.

8. Stop buying stuff with currency, barter bih!

9. Grow food, nothing says fuck the system, like growing you own food. The one human need is food (clothes and shelter are optional depending on the climate where you live.) Take sometime to place down crops, and subsidize your own dependency on super markets. Easy things to grow? Squash in the summer, collard greens in the winter. 

10. Buy from local businesses. Buy from black businesses. Buy from women-run businesses. Buy from environmentally friendly businesses. Buy from businesses, where you can identify with and respect the owners. 

11. Fucking read, be engulfed in facts and literary fiction. Read to the youth too!

12. Condense the amount of things you own. That extra furniture set in storage will NEVER come to good use.

13. Walk or ride a bike, to lessen your dependency on crude oil, which is a non-renewable resource that causes wars and casualties of beautiful people around the world.

14. Eat intentionally. That's includes for yourself, the planet and other people. Is what you eat medicnal for your body? Do you contribute to an industry that requires living beings to suffer? Are the farms paid fair wages and provided bathroom facilities?

15. Put your friends to work. Hire you friends for projects, keep the money in the loop. 

16. Go camping it's an easy practice for the day you may need that bug out bag. See #4. 

17. Teach an old dog new tricks. Show your grand mom how to make some healthy meals. Get your mom a bike, and bike with her. 

18. Do a physical activity to show gratitude for your body; touch your toes while brushing your teach, neck rolls while cooking dinner.

19. Hug and love on people, because hate doesn't exist in our vocabulary or our ancestral pedagogy. 

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  • MR Anthony on

    Nothing says revolution like editing your article

  • Dale D Livingston on

    Go blackwallstreet.com and other African American sites for your purchases. Put your money in an African American Community Bank go on line there are several.

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