At ONE MusicFest

Atlanta Zero Waste

When I made the decision to move to Atlanta it was because of all the nostalgia I had for places I had never been. Like seeing Spaceships on Bankhead, riding in East Point bumpin' Cool Breeze's Greatest Hits or starting something good on Headland and Delowe.

But since living in Atlanta, the Atlanta I dreamt of  was buried under murals painted by artists that didn't understand, historical buildings smothered in franchise swag and irresponsibility for the people that stood for Atlanta, even when Atlanta didn't stand for them.

Everyday, I ride my bike around the city and only see remnants of old Atlanta, but ONE Musicfest brought all those feelings back at the packed out Lakewood Amphitheater on Saturday.

There were so many people! Descendants of the sharecroppers WEB DuBois alluded to in "The Souls of Black Folks."

I saw some of my homies that work for public works, my third eye brothers, college colleagues, Atlanta's coldest artists, budding creatives and everyone in between.

Much like Dungeon Family, who celebrated over two decades of brotherhood on the stage, we are unique beings, star children. You follow me?

Now, my zero waste plans didn't go as I would have like. I couldn't bring my own food. Everything was laced with disposable ware, but I ate before I entered and snuck an orange in for an illegal snack.



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