analog girl in a digital world

true analog girl in a digital world. 🌍

i grew up on captain planet at 3p, the only technology i worried about dying was my gigapet, and my clock being the street lights. so nowadays my ability to keep up with the vast consumption of technology overwhelms me. 

on top of that, having an emotional/ spiritual connection to the rest of the universe (we all do!) that pulls and wears on my mood, sis be ready to sit this one out. 

as i’m navigating more of the backend of the Fort, the cooperative, it’s hard to provide ‘content’ 😑 and i easily let SM presence slip to the back. help me out! what are some of your fav posts i’ve shared in the past (here and under @fortnegrita)? let me know what you want to see more of? i’m thinking of running my YouTube vlog back 🤔

ps- this is me I front of a mural of @kingmalachis_mama of fellow cooperative @gangstastogrowers and Fort steering committee member. it feels good to see your friends given flowers while they are still here. 💐

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