collectively mourn 2020

can we collectively mourn the remainder of 2020?

mourning is a dynamic verb. you can be sad, dance and sing, shed a tear, smoke one, cry hysterically, pour libations, laugh hard or play music for our newly-made ancestors.  

in a society where disposability permeates everything we do, we’ve learned to even trash our dead and call it ‘casualties’. 🚯

before we can get to the upside of whatever we think could be on the other side of the year’s mountain, we should take time to mourn. patrice some’ in his book “Ritual” says that the living must properly mourn the dead, or else, the dead don’t get a good transition into the other world. 

with the many lives lost this year and beyond, be sure to utilize the upcoming gatherings to honor those still in need of a proper transition to the other side. 

in this time we can also appreciate the awakening of the new era that’s birthing before our eyes. it’s bright! 😎

here are ways we can mourn: host a dance party, allow your movement to be an offering to the dead. mediate. set a plate of food aside. name ppl who have died during prayer. set up and alter and keep it lit until at least 1/1/2021. plant something in honor of the dead. 🖤

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