Time To Purge (and Learn How To Get Rid of a Bunch of Crap!)

Zero Waste

time to purge

I'm leaving in 15 days to go to Ecuador. YIKES!! I've been throwing away (ahem) disposing responsibly, of much of my items.

Along the way I will be giving information on how to properly dispose of items to decrease the amount of crap that enters a landfill.

I also moved back with my
parentals for the month before I leave and decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff from high school. Yea, that library book on the U.S. Civil War is looking REEEAAALLLL necessary, not.

Up above is a box of old papers, I've collected. My room looks like a zoo and I took pictures, but they're so unflattering that I won't share.

I'm throwing out a bag of wire and plastic hangers (P.G. County's recycling center takes those), and old desk (Goodwill pick-up on April 16), four bags of old clothes (Goodwill), old knickknacks/room decor (Goodwill), one reusable bag full of loose cords, antiquated electronics, Blackberry,etc, (Turtle Wings) and old clothes unworthy of a trip to Goodwill.

Within the next few weeks I will breakdown how to recycle all of these items in the DC Metro area.

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