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recycling is not enough

I'm Cecilie! A 20-something living in Atlanta, GA with a passion for healthy lifestyles! I love to share my views on my personal experiences with obtaining health goals, natural hair and beauty and self image on my blog CecilieMD. These are just a few things that are near and dear to me. I have lost over 100 pounds currently after starting my journey in 2007. Over the years I've learned a lot and I love to encourage others to keep working hard to accomplish whatever your heart desires. 


Recently, I have challenged myself to become more eco-friendly. Have you ever stopped and thought about how much waste you are contributing to our overflowing landfills? Some adjustments I have made to my lifestyle include using recyclable water bottles (I MUST consume a gallon everyday), reusing old makeup and hair product containers, and using mason jars for meal prep. Below I provided a few tips on how I recycle and how it has made me more aware of my environment and waste.


Meal Prep/ Water Intake:


I love smoothies and everything about them. I try to make smoothies at least twice a week. Instead of using plastic cups to drink out of every morning, I purchased small mason jars to take with me wherever I go. I have a very busy schedule and convenience and planning is key to a successful week for me.


About 3-4 days out of the week I bring my lunch to work. Of course I use reusable containers and silverware. I also bring recyclable bags to the grocery store (when I remember lol) or always ask for paper.


Something I've done to help me keep track of the amount of water I intake is purchase a gallon jug at the beginning of each week and use this until Sunday. I then recycle the jug and purchase a new one when I buy grocery. I tried to use a glass container but I had trouble transporting it to and from work.


Makeup & Hair:
recycling is not enough

Aside from exercising and trying new recipes I love to get dolled up on the weekends and hangout with friends! I can talk about this subject all day long but I’ll keep it to a minimum and focus more on recycling those beautiful containers once we finish using our products. I blame Target for the 40 product containers under my cabinet currently that are not being used. Do you ever think about what to do with those old containers or products that are expired? Here are a few ideas:


1.       Reuse containers for travel purposes! Instead of paying $5-10 bucks for travel containers use the containers you own currently. I reuse deep conditioner jars for conditioner or Eco Styler gel that I need to pack or hairpins and other loose hair accessories.


2.       Reuse containers for making leave in conditioners, mixing shampoos, or creating hair color!


3.       Certain makeup stores will take a certain amount of empty makeup containers in exchange for a new product. Check out the stores that you purchase your makeup from.


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