Why Can't Packaging Be Like Skin?

Zero Waste

There are plenty of things I just don't understand. Especially as an Earth advocate. Like why are landfills still the number one answer to waste and how come politicians won't say the C-squared phrase. "Climate change," BOO! lol

No but seriously, I'm curious why can't packaging be made in the likeness of skin? Before I get into my science theory of it all let me just remind yall that mother nature is a thoroughbred. She's literally figured this life out to the science, before people were even calling it science!

But any who, There are many benefits to mimicking nature, and packaging has to follow the suit of skin.

And not just human skin but orange peels, coconut husks and that thin layer on grapes all do two things, protect and preserve.

Here's a basic definition of skin:
Skin- the thin layer of tissue forming the natural outer covering of the body of a person, plant or animal. 

In my own terms: I find skin to be durable, long-lasting, renewable, protective, intelligent and responsive.  I find packaging to be short lived, wasteful, dormant, fleeting and complicated.

What if packaging was just like skin, great for protecting and preserving and once the consumer is finished, it could be place directly into a compost pile for 3-6 weeks decomposition.

Now that's smart thinking.

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