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we GATHERED for an interactive dialogue from FORT NEGRITA'S steering committee.

Alsie Parks @alsiealsiealsie
Nene Igietseme @nvismiles
Anamarie Shreeves @reefromthefort
Andrea Blanton @food_earth_birth
Abiodun Henderson @anisa_n_malachis_mama
Zahra Alabanza @zahra_ala
Avery Jackson @avryjxn
Dominique Bercy @beastmodeberc

this was the first time stars of #aconstellationcalled tribe will shared the gems they have gained over the last decade while living, playing, working, hurting, healing and offering in ATLANTA through a cooperative community model dedicated to BLACK PLEASURE and LIBERATION. 

Learn more about how all EIGHT OF OUR WORLDS collide.

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